Clean Room HVAC Manufacturers in Bangalore

Clean Room HVAC

Universal Cleanroom Technologies is a Bangalore owned company which is established with a commitment to provide high-technology clean room HVAC solutions effectively, affordably, and safely. Clean Room HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) is the system which is using to provide good indoor air quality through the right heating, ventilation and air-conditioning for your clean room project. We are the most reputed company for clean room HVAC manufacturers in Bangalore, India. Our many years of experience in this domain has enabled us to provide innovative clean room HVAC solutions for cleanroom applications like pharmaceutical, food processing, biotechnology, microelectronics, research laboratories, electrical industries and even for commercial and large residential buildings and many such.

Clean Room HVAC Components include: Air Hadling Units, Ducting, HEPA Modules, HVAC Electrification and many other. In Bangalore, we provide cost effective clean room HVAC solutions to meet your exact specifications. Our team of extremely knowledgeable experts who specialize in designing and manufacturing any size clean room HVAC system for many different types of clean room establishments in a stipulated timeframe. We are one of the leading company known for technically sound clean room HVAC manufacturers in Bangalore.