Fire Rated Panels Manufacturers in Bangalore

Fire Rated Panels

Universal Cleanroom Technologies offers a complete range of decorative and acoustic fire rated panels, combined with standard or fully customized perforations to suit your design requirements. We are an industry leader in manufacturing fire rated panels for hygiene sensitive environments, clean rooms, laboratories and food processing facilities, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, electronics, automobiles, nutraceutical, paint or coating booth, and R&D. We are the market leader in fire rated panels manufacturers in Bangalore, offering fully customized solutions to individual designs.

With over many years of experience, we're one of the most trusted manufacturers of internal and external fire resistant or fire rated panels. Manufactured using a fire-resistant material, the fire rated panels offer low environmental impact, robustness, and tested fire resistance. Universal Cleanroom Technologies is a name you can trust for fire rated panels manufacturers, suppliers and installers in Bangalore. We take pride in the quality of our work and consider customer satisfaction our top priority. Our dedicated and skilled staff is able to handle varied and complex projects in a professional manner.